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I like you... just as you are~

i’m so lucky and thankful for the people and opportunities in my life

thankful that my dad and stepmom are really good to me, even if i don’t get to see them often.

thankful that even though my grandma drives me crazyyy, she does want the best for me.

thankful that my brother is trying harder in school.  i hope his efforts will prove fruitful.

thankful that my best friend is there for me, even when there are other people who paint me a villain.  she knows the truth and is not going to choose one friend or two friends over another.

thankful that my room mate is such a cool person and i’m trying to get closer to her.

thankful that SW is still a wonderful friend to me after all these years. i know that the past year, i haven’t seen her as much but when i need her the most, she is ALWAYS there for me.  

thankful to have become good friends with FL.  i’m scared for her in regards to her health but i hope she will get better soon so we can play together more :D

thankful that my employers are wonderful to me and allow me to maintain all my full time benefits and leave work early so i can pursue a masters degree, even though they know that means eventually, i will leave the company in a few years.

thankful that auntie D cares about me and talks to me about just about everything under the sun, lol.  i kind of see where my loquacious and worrywart nature might stem from…

thankful that ELiu is so wonderful and still cares about me even though my mom has been gone for almost 5 years.  she’s a wonderful person and i know she will be a wonderful mother, i just hope she is gifted with a child very soon.

thankful that i have an opportunity to go back to school to study a field that i am infinitely passionate about.

thankful that i have skills that allow me to be a good tutor so i can make some extra money as tuition is $$ for a person working in a small company.

thankful that i met a few really nice people in mlac.  at times, i feel nervous thinking about the competition ahead but for now, i’ll enjoy it and value this opportunity.

thankful that i have a super wonderful boyfriend who spends time with me even when i know he has a lot of other things on his plate. i feel really happy that he’s so good to me and i hope i can make him just as happy if not more.

there are so many more people that i haven’t named but…

overall, just really really thankful for the people in my life and even to those who don’t want to be a part of my life because they show me who is valuable and who are true friends.  thank you to those who love me and hate me, even to those who don’t care.

i’m a lucky person.

I’m a bit scared that something really horrible will happen to me because lately I’ve been really happy. I feel so blessed… I have really wonderful people in my life and am so thankful. I was so happy to have gotten into my top choice for grad school. Yes, I know I only applied to one, but that was the one I wanted to go to. LOL, E was like damn, you put all your eggs in one basket, thats pretty ballsy, lol. But yeah, I wish my mom could be here to see this happen… But yeah, I’m so lucky that my dad is going to help me with my tuition, it is pretty damn expensive to me but as soon as I get a job in the field after graduation, I’ll start to pay him back.

Also, I’m so lucky to have found my current job. Not only do I seriously take 5 minutes round trip, but my boss is letting me get off early so I can go to class and letting me keep my medical insurance with them even though I won’t really be full time since I’m cutting 3 hrs a week for the next two years.

What else? Besides friends and family, I guess I’m really thankful to have a really great bf, lol. He’s so good to me and really nice. Not like he buys me stuff, which he doesn’t but it’s okay. If I had wanted a guy like that then I would have just dated guys I didn’t really like but have loads of money.

Sigh, I feel happy. Hope everything doesn’t go crashing down on me.



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